A big part of our co-op's mission is to provide a rich variety of supplementary classes, taught by our volunteer moms and dads. Full members can use the INCH Registration website to view a complete class schedule and register their children for classes (during designated registration periods, of course).

As discussed on the membership page, one parent is required to remain at the co-op during the entire time that their kids are attending and teach at least two trimester-long classes per year. Teaching kids that are not your own might seem intimidating, but many parents have found they enjoy it, and some of our members often teach multiple classes each trimester!

Below is a simplified snapshot of our latest class schedule, dated 9/15/2019, to give prospective members an idea of the kinds of classes we offer. The selection changes from trimester to trimester and year to year, as the Lord leads parents, and as students' needs change.

Key:Class OpenClass Full

Regular Classes

10:00amIdaho History (I)Apologia Chemistry (I)
Needle Point and the Great Composers (I)Art
WeatherCupcake Decorating
Pickle Ball
Study Hall
11:00amCalligraphy for KidsEvolution: The Grand Experiment (I)
Let's Draw!Financial Peace/Economics (I)
Obstacle CourseLiterary Analysis (I)
Study Hall
12:45pmArt ClassBasketball
Nature CraftsConstitution Quest
Spelling Bee Digital Storytelling 101 (I)
Improv and Theater Games
Study Hall

Little Ones Classes

(only one class per timeslot)
10:00amNursery 10am (I)Fall 2019 Preschool (I)The World of Beatrix Potter
11:00amNursery 11am (I)Preschool con't...2nd period (I)Dr. Seuss is on the Loose
12:45pmNursery 12:45pm (I)PS/K GymK/PS Gym