Welcome to INCH! Despite the COVID-19 pandemic (or perhaps partly because of it), we are at maximum capacity for the Fall 2021 trimester! But you can still join us for field trips and gatherings, as a Limited Member. And when we do have openings again, Limited Members get first dibs at Full Membership. So, if you are a Protestant Christian homeschooling family in the Coeur d'Alene area, we invite you to browse our site, and see if INCH might be right for you. You can check out a snapshot of a past class schedule, to get an idea of the kinds of classes we offer. If you have any questions, please contact us.


COVID-19 UPDATE: INCH is continuing to meet one day a week, as usual, with the same guidelines for attendance, health, and safety, outlined in our Member Handbook, but we continue to monitor the situation. As always, if you have any questions about INCH or homeschooling in general, please feel free to e-mail us!


Inland Northwest Christian Homeschoolers is a co-op for students from kindergarden to 12th grade, where volunteer parents teach all the classes, in subjects that are of interest to them. Our purpose is to provide a safe and supportive evangelical Christian environment for everyone, and encourage each family in their homeschooling journey, through mutual education and fellowship. To learn more about us, what we believe, and how to join, please see the menu on the left panel of this page.


The INCH class registration website, currently using SilverCORD 2.0, features access to class offerings, family schedules, and member directory.


If you have any questions about INCH in general, please contact us at Coordinator@INCHHome.com.



 Throwers Center Tour

Wednesday, Oct. 20


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Tuesday, Nov. 2


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Thursday, Nov. 4


 Afternoon Factory Tour

Thursday, Nov. 4

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